Certified Trusted Partners™

How This Program Works

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Certified Trusted Partners™

Certified Trusted Partners™ are companies who we have officially partnered and hold to the highest level of standard. When a partner holds this certification you can rest assured that we have done deep due-diligence into their products and business practices to make sure they are 100% solid.

As part of the process, we've given them a thorough audit of their conduct. It’s a very time consuming process - sometimes as long as 6 months and speaking to dozens or even hundreds of their current and former customers. This certification ensures that these partners follow-through, and are honest, trustworthy, and reliable. In-fact, these Certified Truster Partners are many of the same organizations that also supply us with our travel inventory, so not only are we evaluating them, we've choosen to become a customer of their as well.

Furthermore, if you have any issues with them, we want to know about it. We want to know how your travel was, and if one of these partners fails to follow through then let us know and we can make it right, too as part of this certification.

If you have more questions, watch the video above called "How This Program Works" or contact us and we're happy to answer any questions.