Global Travel Network

A Certfied Trusted Partner™ of PartnerTrips.com

Global Travel Network has earned certified trusted partner™ status with PartnerTrips.com. This means that if they offer something for an initial consultation, that PartnerTrips.com guarantees that they will deliver it, and if not, we will cover it.

Some of our background:

In the autumn of 2022, we successfully conducted a comprehensive audit of Global Travel Network, a process that extended over a year. Our findings revealed Global Travel Network to be a 100% reputable and trustworthy company that consistently delivers on its commitments.

Global Travel Network operates as a wholesale travel club, where members pay a one-time initiation fee to access travel discounts ranging from 30% to 69%. Despite branding themselves as an exclusive “invitation-only travel club,” they boast an impressive membership of over 250,000 individuals, positioning them as one of the country’s largest wholesale travel clubs.

Our thorough research into Global Travel Network uncovered a somewhat perplexing scenario, prompting us to create this page and perform our audit in an effort to provide clarity. While their sales tactics may come across as assertive, similar to timeshare presentations, they undeniably fulfill their promises. Consequently, we assign them a top-notch A+ 100% rating.

Should you have specific inquiries or wish to share a negative experience, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Here’s what we’ve confirmed:
  • Global Travel Network holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • With over 250,000 members, they have amassed just 18 complaints with the BBB over three years, a remarkably low figure.
  • The company boasts a 21-year track record in the industry and stands as a secure, multi-million-dollar enterprise.
  • While their sales approach may bear some resemblance to timeshare presentations, it is unequivocally safe, and they consistently uphold their commitments.
  • Their unique method of member acquisition primarily relies on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied members. However, they occasionally run online promotions with favorable odds for winning vacations. Attendees of their online Zoom meetings, resembling timeshare presentations but lasting no more than 90 minutes, may also receive complimentary vacations if they meet specific criteria.

The aspect that took us the longest to verify was whether respondents, contest winners, and presentation attendees genuinely received their free vacations. After an extensive three-month investigation, we can confidently affirm that 100% of respondents we contacted did receive their free vacations, even without making a purchase.

To substantiate this, we compiled a comprehensive list of 2,164 individuals who had attended Global Travel Network’s presentations over a six-month period. We randomly selected people to contact, and due to the list’s comprehensiveness and transparent opt-in dates, we believe it represents the entirety of attendees during that period. We spoke to approximately 150 individuals, and every single attendee confirmed receipt of their free vacation or an unused travel voucher valid for up to 18 months after their attendance date. Our confidence in the legitimacy of these claims is exceptionally high.

Global Travel Network’s business model is fundamentally based on offering travel at genuine wholesale prices, significantly cheaper than retail rates, often at discounts of 50% to 79%. The substantial markups in retail travel prices are primarily due to commissions paid to intermediaries such as Expedia, Orbitz, and travel agents. Global Travel Network circumvents these markups by relying heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and periodic giveaway promotions. Their exceptional value proposition is further underscored by a membership structure that charges fees only in years when members choose to use the wholesale travel club.

In essence, Global Travel Network’s deals are outstanding, especially for those who plan ahead, with savings frequently exceeding 50%.

If you’ve come across negative reviews of Global Travel Network in your Google searches, it’s important to note that our favourable assessment stems from a comprehensive audit conducted at the company’s request. We had full access to their operations and were compensated even if we uncovered negative information or adverse experiences. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of satisfaction we encountered.

One major reason behind negative comments online is the confusion between Global Travel Network and several similarly named companies. Despite Global Travel Network’s 21-year history, it appears that other entities with similar names have garnered poor reviews or ceased operations. This confusion may have contributed to the negative online sentiment.

These similar-sounding companies include:

  • Global Vacation Network
  • Global Travel International
  • Travel Global Network
  • Global Travel Vacations
  • Global Travel Service

Even Google search results can sometimes mix up these entities due to the generic nature of the term “Global Travel Network.”

In summary, while Global Travel Network’s sales approach may appear unconventional, the company itself is solid and delivers on its promises. Most negative online reviews are either unjustified or the result of confusion with other companies. We encourage you to share your experiences or reach out with questions; your input is vital to us.