You have only 15 minutes to claim this offer!

If you fill out the qualifications section in the next 15 minutes, you could also be eligible for a $150 Prepaid VISA card to use on your trip!


$1299 $99 for a week in Las Vegas!

Yes, it’s true! You could qualify for 8 Days & 7 nights of accommodations for only $99!

You have only 15 minutes to claim this offer!

If you fill out the qualifications section in the next 15 minutes, you could also be eligible for a $150 Prepaid VISA card to use on your trip!



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Las Vegas

Some of our resorts...

We have access to many 3-Star and higher resorts, as part of this promotion. Inventory varies according to availability.


Polo Towers Villas


Worldmark Las Vegas - Boulevard


Desert Paradise Resort By Diamond Resorts


Club Wyndham Grand Desert


Club Wyndham Desert Blue


Worldmark Tropicana


Desert Rose Resort

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First, we’ve eliminated the middleman by getting our inventory directly from the source. Luxury Resorts, Hotels, Cruises and All-inclusive destinations COME TO US to help them fill empty rooms. They want people to stay in their rooms even if it means booking them at or below cost. They do this because they want people eating at their restaurants, drinking at the bar, ordering room service, and engaging in local tourism activities. This enables us to offer you deals on travel that big companies like Expedia and Booking.com can’t beat.

Second, we stumbled upon something truly special which some people consider a timeless travel secret. You’ll notice some of our deals provide unbelievable discounts in exchange for attending a presentation. By meeting specific qualifications and choosing to attend a presentation, you can unlock an impressive 50-80% off your lodging costs. You will also notice that based on the promotion, some of them take place on Zoom before your trip, while others are in person at the resorts. There’s no obligation on your end to make any additional travel purchases – It’s an invitation to unparalleled savings without any additional commitments. No credit card is required, ever, to attend the presentation and more than half of attendees purchase absolutely nothing at all, and still get this offer. If this promotion is on our website, we stand by the people offering the deal, and if there are any issues, you can always contact us so we can help ensure you get what’s promised to you.

Third is our unique Certified Trusted Partners™ Program. We understand that trust is paramount when planning your perfect getaway. That’s why we go to great lengths to partner with only the best in the travel industry. Our certified trusted partners are more than just collaborators; they’re the key to unlocking these unbeatable deals.

Each partner undergoes a rigorous and thorough vetting process to ensure they meet our high standards for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Not only are we interacting with them on a daily basis to create an excellent customer experience, we evaluate them on criteria like BBB ratings, customer reviews and complaints, the quality of the accommodations, and the potential savings we can pass on to you.

We leave no stone unturned to guarantee that your travel experience with Partner Trips not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Our guarantee? If, for any reason, you don’t get what you were promised, just reach out to us. We’ll make sure they set things right.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. The incredibly low pricing you’re seeing is real because these locations need to fill their rooms. They don’t make any money if their rooms are unoccupied.

If you’re thinking about one of the deals that involve attending a presentation, let us put your mind at ease. The only obligation you have is to attend the presentation. In exchange for your time, you will receive the complimentary vacation. No additional purchasing necessary. We like to think of it like this…for 90 minutes of your time you’re getting a $1500 dollar vacation (depending on the location). That’s like getting paid $1000 dollars an hour. Hundreds of our customers have taken that deal and we don’t blame them. It’s truly amazing that people write it off as too-good-to-be-true without taking advantage of the opportunity.

For some of our deals you’ll be required to attend a presentation about discount travel memberships from one of our Certified Trusted Partners. Our partners find that a large enough portion of the people who attend the presentation recognize the value and end up joining. As a way to encourage people to attend the presentation they offer luxurious stays at their properties in exchange for the opportunity to talk with you. You receive the vacation whether you choose to join or not.