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To repeat the specifics of this offer:

  • We’re offering a whopping 85% off, or $2274 off, in exchange for approximately 2 hours of your time at the resort. That is like getting paid $1137 an hour.
  • Yes it includes a VIP presentation about the option to purchase time at some of their property and others (specifics vary by location) but you are under no obligation, whatsoever, to purchase anything at all.  You don’t have to put down a credit card but note that if you miss the presentation, you will have to pay the full amount of the vacation which ranges from approximately $1999 to $3729 on average.  The presenters are also respectful of your time as they understand you are on vacation. Likewise, this promo wouldn’t be here on Partner Trips if it weren’t good and these guys weren’t solid.
  • This offer is not not valid on major holidays.
  • You must also verify in person what you entered on the previous page.  That you are:
    • Married or in a relationship.
    • Your income is $79,000 per year or higher.
    • That you are a U.S. Citizen

Your dates and final confirmation and information will be done by a reservationist from Sports Illustrated Resort. You have upto 1 year to book your reservation and specific dates are based on availability.   We look forward to seeing you at Sports Illustrated Resorts Marina and Villas Cap Cana!